Palliative /End of Life Care :

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When approaching the end of their life, the majority of people will prefer to remain in their own home, filled with warm memories and free from threats and distressing distractions. End of life care should help you to live as well as possible in the last few weeks, months or years of your life.

At Nodek, our team of expert social care professionals would ask you about your wishes and preferences, and take these into consideration as they work with you to plan your current and future care. If necessary, our team can also help you organise any necessary adaptations needed in your home to ensure that you are as comfortable as much as possible.

We have extensively trained palliative live- in carers who can deliver the best possible support to those who have been diagnosed with deteriorating and/or terminal conditions.  Aside from providing you with routine domestic tasks, including meal planning, cleaning and laundry, they are also on hand to provide you and your loved ones with both emotional support and companionship.

At Nodek, we would highly recommend choosing a live-in carer to deliver palliative care for your loved one if you are looking for a high level of support without the typical restrictions of a hospital or care home.

Supporting friends and family through palliative care at home

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At Nodek Services, our palliative care workers recognise that this is a challenging time for friends and family.

Our palliative care staff aside of carrying out all manner of duties around the home to keep the environment clean, safe and calm, they will be on hand to provide emotional support for all of those affected by the circumstances.

With it, we can help primary carers cope with the demands that have been placed on them by being there to fill in the gaps by giving them intermittent breaks from their role as the principal carer.

We are happy to assist; however, all you need to do is just ask.